Tainara V. Sobroza, Ph.D

I am a Brazilian biologist strongly motivated to use sounds as a tool to access ecological information about species, interactions, and habitat focusing mainly on primate species. Currently, I am a temporary lecturer at UFAM, based in Manaus, one of the largest cities in the Brazilian Amazon. Many species are capable of surviving in dense cities, but how do the species deal with anthropogenic disturbances such as habitat change and noise? I yarn for answering such questions and especially to add a behavioural perspective on the ongoing conservation actions for the survivorship of urban fauna and associated ecological processes.  I am also fond of using sounds and other tools to sensitize people about conservation issues.

2023- Temporary lecturer at Universidade Federal do Amazonas
2022-2023. Fellow at  Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio).
National Institute of Amazonian Researches (Brazil)
2017-2021. PhD in Ecology. National Institute of Amazonian Researches (Brazil)
2013-2015. Master in Ecology. National Institute of Amazonian Researches (Brazil)
2009-2013. Graduation in Biology. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)

Email: tv.sobroza@gmail.com Twitter:@Tainara_bio
Book : Tem uma cidade no meu mato!