I am now a temporary lecturer at the Universidade Federal do Amazonas!! I am super happy to be back where I start my studies on pied tamarins, but now as a professor.

July 08, 2023

I am super happy to announce that I was awarded a 2nd round Rufford grant to keep on with my surveys on pied tamarins and their soundscapes. Take a look at the Rufford webpage to learn more about the project :)  

January 03, 2023

The XIX Brazilian Primatology Congress in SINOP-MT was great! A nice reunion after a long period without getting together with primatological friends. Me and Bruna Teixeira had the chance of giving a minicourse on "Primate vocal communication and their soundscapes". I also participated in the symposium "A symposium that makes sense: exploring the multiple communication channels in primates", the exchange with our colleagues was amazing! Of course, I also made some primate watching in Sinop and Cuiabá

September 03, 2022

I am back from the field at the BR 319, a large road that covers a latitudinal gradient across the Brazilian Amazon. It was an amazing experience! I made some cool sights and got the chance of interacting with people from ICMBio and researchers from @PPBio_INPA based on Rondônia.

July 15, 2022

Got a grant! I am super happy that early this month (April 2022) I was awarded by the Primate Action Fund and the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation (managed by Re: Wild) a small grant to keep on going with my research on the impact of noise on the pied tamarin behavior and prospect ways of mitigating such impact. I am looking forward to coming back with more news from this project.

From February to the end of March 2022 I participated of an internship at the Anglia Ruskin University and attended the Student Conference on Conservation Science in Cambridge! It was great to exchange knowledge and attend an in-person conference after so many years and especially the #SCCS2022. I had an amazing time, presented some results from my research, and learned so much with people from all around the world <3